Bariatric MRI

Hitachi Echelon Oval

Bowes Imaging Center has added Hitachi’s Echelon Oval™ 1.5T Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging system to its list of diagnostic offerings. We are the only diagnostic center in Tampa Bay that can accommodate patients up to 550 pounds. Echelon Oval’s exclusive 74 cm wide oval bore shapes the MR imaging environment to the patient. In simple terms, the hole that the patients enter is extremely wide. In most cases, a patient over 6 feet tall will have more than enough room in the machine. This advancement in technology is the first of its kind and is the only MRI unit in the world that has this much space.

Hitachi’s Echelon Oval 1.5T MR system provides outstanding imaging performance on a
platform designed for the patient. The industry’s widest patient table provides access and comfort to the broadest possible spectrum of patient types: from pediatric to bariatric to claustrophobic to geriatric – and everyone in-between. The short, no compromise 1.5T magnet provides a full 50 cm field of view in each axis with outstanding main field homogeneity at the extremes. HOAST™ Higher Order Active Shim Technology maintains that uniformity
automatically for every patient.